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Stay compliant with discharge regulations.

Stormwater pollution can result in compliance breaches that could cost you money and lead to damaging legal action. Reducing your stormwater pollution mitigates this risk, but the first step to reducing pollution is understanding what pollutants need to be removed from surface water.

Our free Stormwater Pollutant Removal Testing Kit provides everything you need to collect a sample of your surface water runoff. Just send it to us (don’t worry, we’ll cover the postage cost), we’ll do the analysis at our world-class lab, and we’ll send you a report containing what you need to know.


What’s in your free kit

Each testing kit contains:

  • 1 x 5-gallon bucket with sealable lid
  • 1 x Sample collection checklist
  • 1 x Pre-paid FedEx mailing label
  • 1 x Pair latex sampling gloves
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Stormwater test kit

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