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Napa Valley winery saves $740,000 a year in energy costs



California pepper processor cuts BOD by 50% and TSS by 70%


Missouri pork processor boosts wastewater treatment efficiency

Pork processor

Aggregate recycling center tackles concrete dust in stormwater runoff

Aggregate center

South Carolina packaging manufacturer cuts lagoon maintenance costs

Paper packaging

California chicken kill plant protects expensive downstream processes

Chicken kill plant

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California corn processor reveals $158,000 annual hauling cost savings


Aerospace and electronics supplier cleans up stormwater effluent to meet regulations


Oregon particle board manufacturer improves effluent quality and by-product reuse

Particle board

Bakersfield carrot processor doubles water recycling efficiency


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Industrial water pipes

Save money on industrial water

Cut the costs of treatment and discharge.

Workers working on a water pipe

Reduce industrial downtime

Take systems and equipment offline less frequently.

An effluent outfall pipe

Meet industrial water regulations

Prevent costly compliance breaches.

A leaking water pipe

Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency.Improve operational efficiency.


Superior equipment for wastewater treatment with a wide range of well-proven and innovative Hydro products