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Our range of solids removal technologies capture unwanted material from industrial process water and wastewater, helping plant managers and engineers to develop and operate process and water treatment systems at maximum efficiency—maintaining output and improving overall plant performance.

With a 40-year track record of success in the water industry, our product development team has built a range of solids removal technologies that augment or replace less effective equipment—helping to protect your systems from the coarse and fine solids that clog, degrade and hurt your overall operational efficiency.

Better water management can boost your efficiency. Consult with our experts to find out how better equipment performance, reduced waste and improved water treatment could help you to operate more efficient industrial plants, systems and processes.


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Increase process efficiency

Our market-leading screening, separation and filtration technologies plug in to industrial facilities and remove solids from process water, enabling operators to recycle and reuse water for activities such as transportation and clean in place (CIP)—thereby boosting overall efficiency and giving you more bang for each buck that you spend on water.

Improve water treatment efficiency

By removing large quantities of coarse, fine and ultrafine material early on, our advanced removal systems output higher quality effluent with lower solids content, enabling downstream treatment equipment—such as dissolved air flotation (DAF)—to achieve higher levels of wastewater treatment performance without the need to upgrade or retrofit.

Cut equipment damage and reduce degradation

Nuisance materials such as grit, inorganic solids and other materials are costly to water-intensive industrial facilities, accumulating in equipment, clogging and causing abrasion damage to important technologies. 

Connected upstream of these critical technologies, our systems reliably capture more damaging solids, keeping downstream equipment protected and operating at full efficiency.


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