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Meat & Poultry Processing Wastewater Treatment

Meat and poultry processors use a lot of water, and that water can contain a range of organic and inorganic materials - including grit, straw, sawdust, fecal matter and paunch waste. Treating and disposing of this wastewater represents a significant cost of operations.

With ever-increasing demands on production, however, meat processing plants are often constrained by space or by existing wastewater treatment options, and are limited in their ability to address water use as a way to improve profitability.

Our meat and poultry processing water management solutions can help you to reduce wastewater treatment costs, protect expensive downstream processes, increase your by-product recapture, and help you to reuse your water faster and more efficiently.

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Our experts recommend: protect expensive on-site wastewater treatment processes

Our solutions are tailored to help rendering plants, slaughterhouses and even small butcheries reduce their discharge costs and increase the capacity and efficiency of wastewater treatment processes like DAF. The DAF process removes very fine solids, oils and grease, but larger solids can adversely affect the efficiency; removing as much solid material as possible upstream of the DAF plant helps you to improve its effectiveness and cut the cost of treatment.

A balanced solids removal system, using ultrafine screens in combination with DAF, offers the best chance of operational efficiency, cost reduction and alignment with discharge consents.

A tailored solid-liquid removal system will capture bulk solids from your flows with better performance than conventional screens, and it can be configured to discharge captured materials as a compacted, dewatered solid ready for cost-effective disposal or onward sale. It can also be configured to separate solids from the bulk of plant flows into a slurry which provides additional downstream treatment options.

Protecting the capacity of your DAF allows your plant to maintain sustainably profitable operations and grow to meet increasing demand for your product.

Our experts recommend: reuse water more effectively and efficiently

High-pressure, low-volume spray systems can reduce your overall raw water costs. Reusing water from operations such as chilling, scalding and canning often requires treatment before it can be re-used for activities such as clean in place (CIP).

In our experience, the right solids and fats, oils and grease (FOG) removal system will provide the pre-treatment needed to help you recycle and reuse your plant water faster and more efficiently.

Our experts recommend: boost the efficiency of by-product recovery

Whether blood, fat or bone, nearly every by-product in meat processing applications has value, and discharging these materials to sewer systems can result in both lost revenue opportunities and astronomical discharge fees.

We recommend implementing a solids removal system that can capture both the coarse and fine particles that are so frequently missed by conventional technologies. This recovers significantly more by-product than alternative technologies, and delivers a compacted, dewatered product that is cheaper to handle and transport for sale to secondary markets.

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