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Our solids removal systems capture environmentally damaging materials from stormwater, process water and wastewater, removing potential sources of pollution before they become a problem and improving and enhancing overall water treatment capabilities—helping plant managers and environmental specialists to discharge higher quality effluent that meets environmental regulations and reduces surcharges.

With a track record of over 40 years of success, municipalities and industrial businesses all over the world trust our systems, equipment and technologies to help them to protect the environment and prevent costly, damaging compliance breaches.

Your water management could be putting you at risk. Contact our experts to find out how the right stormwater and wastewater treatment technologies can help you to improve effluent quality, meet environmental regulations and prevent costly compliance breaches.


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Prevent costly compliance breaches

Many countries have in place environmental regulations that prohibit the discharge of surface water containing pollutants—in the United States, industrial facilities that discharge stormwater directly into the natural environment must obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, while in the European Union businesses require an environmental permit under the EU Water Framework Directive—and plants that breach these permits may face fines or legal action that is costly both financially and in terms of reputation. 

Our stormwater treatment separators and filters provide a critical safety measure to prevent pollutants such as TSS (total suspended solids), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), chemicals, metals and other environmentally damaging materials from reaching the environment—helping businesses to avoid potentially costly legal and financial penalties.

Reduce or eliminate effluent surcharges

Our range of solids removal technologies provide an invaluable capability enhancement to industrial businesses, helping engineers and operators to operate water treatment systems more effectively and discharge higher-quality effluent—thereby reducing or even eliminating monthly effluent surcharges altogether.


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