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Our range of solids removal technologies capture more waste and by-product from industrial process water and wastewater, enabling business owners, operators and engineers like you to cut the costs of water treatment, equipment maintenance and effluent discharge.

Drawing on a 40-year track record of success in the water industry, our R&D team has refined our technologies to plug in and enhance industrial systems and processes—enabling water treatment systems to operate more cheaply and efficiently, reducing the amount of equipment maintenance required, and improving the quality of effluent to save money on surcharges.

As the solid-liquid separation experts our systems typically outperform conventional equipment, and our teams offer flexible, custom solutions that deliver savings whatever your financial, operational or technical challenge.

Improving your water management could help you to cut costs. Talk to our experts to find out how you could save money every month through increased water treatment efficiency, reduced maintenance and lower effluent surcharge costs.

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Cut the cost of effluent surcharges

Our world-leading screens, separators and filters plug in to industrial networks to remove pollutants from process water, wastewater and stormwater runoff, enhancing and improving water treatment systems and enabling them to discharge higher-quality effluent—thereby reducing or even eliminating monthly effluent surcharges altogether, and in some cases producing a waste product that can be sold on to third parties to generate additional revenue.

Reduce the frequency and complexity of maintenance

By capturing more material early on in the process, our advanced removal systems capture coarse, fine and ultrafine solids before they can pass through into downstream systems and cause clogging and abrasion damage. 

Eliminating these materials extends equipment lifetimes and reduces the need for the costly maintenance and frequent repairs that are common in plants with inadequate or underperforming treatment equipment.

Cut the operational cost of water treatment

When it comes to water treatment, energy is a significant cost—and inefficient treatment systems require more energy to run.

Our rotating belt screens and vortex separators effectively capture and remove unwanted solids, preventing accumulation and clogging to cut the energy costs of operation for dissolved air flotation (DAF) and other downstream treatment technologies.


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