Hydro-Industrial Wastewater Separator

Remove more, finer grit to protect downstream treatment equipment, increase plant efficiency and cut maintenance and repair costs.

The Hydro-Industrial™ Wastewater Separator is a hydrodynamic grit, sand and solids separator that reliably captures 95% of grit 75 micron and larger.

With a small footprint, no electrical requirements and no moving parts the system delivers exceptional and economical solids removal for industrial wastewater treatment.

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The Hydro-Industrial™ Wastewater Separator hydrodynamic grit separator captures and retains 95% of all inorganic solids 75 micron and larger with minimal headloss, protecting downstream equipment and processes from abrasive wear, sedimentation and clogging.

Based on market-leading Grit King® and HeadCell® technologies, the system offers small footprint pre-treatment with no electrical requirements and no moving parts, delivering exceptional and economical solids removal to help industrial businesses maintain overall wastewater treatment effectiveness and cut operation and maintenance costs.


Cut the costs of operation, cleaning, maintenance and repairs

The Hydro-Industrial™ Wastewater Separator system is a force multiplier for downstream treatment systems: by removing grit and solids early in the process, critical and often sensitive downstream equipment is free to operate at high capacity, with less energy required for aeration and less frequent cleaning and repairs.

Fine grit causes huge problems when it comes to wastewater treatment. The Hydro-Industrial™ Wastewater Separator system reliably captures 95% of all solid particles 75 micron in diameter and larger—drastically reducing the sedimentation, clogging and abrasion damage that bumps up the costs of energy, cleaning and maintenance.

Improve wastewater treatment efficiency

By capturing nuisance and damaging materials before they can pass into downstream equipment, the Hydro-Industrial™ Wastewater Separator prevents sedimentation and clogging to keep overall treatment processes operating at optimal efficiency.

System parameters can be modified to meet your site’s specific flow and performance requirements, and systems can often be retrofitted into existing basins or provided as free-standing units to accommodate various site configurations. Multiple units can also be provided to accommodate any flow and/or any turndown ratio.

We feel like we made the right decision, we’ve invested in equipment that performs well, needs minimal manpower and significantly lowers our operating costs.

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