Industrial silt, sand and sediment removal

Capture damaging inorganic particles.

Cut the cost of grit

Inorganic solids are the scourge of the wastewater treatment world.

If left unchecked, grit, sand and sediment particles flow through treatment processes causing costly abrasion damage to equipment and clogging up expensive systems such as aeration tanks. 

This results in more frequent cleaning and maintenance, more repairs and replacement parts, and increased energy costs to run blowers and diffusers. If it passes through the treatment system and into the effluent being discharged, it can also attract higher surcharge fees. 

In short, grit costs money. 

Fortunately, technologies are available that can capture coarse, fine and ultrafine solids from industrial water. Screens and hydrodynamic separators provide high levels of solids removal, often at low power and in a very small footprint. 

These solutions provide engineers, managers, operators and owners of industrial facilities with a suite of options to capture more of the solids that are impacting on your company’s bottom line. 

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Industrial water pipes

Save money on industrial water

Cut the costs of treatment and discharge.

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Reduce industrial downtime

Take systems and equipment offline less frequently.

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Meet industrial water regulations

Prevent costly compliance breaches.

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Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency.Improve operational efficiency.


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