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Save money, improve efficiency, reduce downtime and meet regulations

Water scarcity, increasingly stringent effluent discharge regulations and operational efficiency drivers represent real challenges for water-intensive industrial businesses, with process water use, treatment and discharge generating both cost and risk.

Surface water also represents a risk, acting as a vector that carries potentially harmful materials into the environment.

Our solutions help businesses use water more efficiently, recover valuable processing by-products, meet regulations and protect the environment.

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We can help you improve your profitability, efficiency and compliance

Industrial water pipes

Save money on industrial water

Cut the costs of treatment and discharge.

Workers working on a water pipe

Reduce industrial downtime

Take systems and equipment offline less frequently.

An effluent outfall pipe

Meet industrial water regulations

Prevent costly compliance breaches.

A leaking water pipe

Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency.Improve operational efficiency.


Superior equipment for wastewater treatment with a wide range of well-proven and innovative Hydro products


Design, install, operate and maintain effective water management systems

Metal ore being washed

Heavy metals removal

Capture and remove heavy metals to improve water recycling, and to stay compliant with environmental…

An aerial view of wastewater treatment tanks

Industrial wastewater treatment

Improve the way you treat your wastewater to reduce maintenance costs and boost operational efficiency.

hydro international industrial stormwater treatment image

Industrial stormwater treatment

Stop surface water pollutants before they put you in breach of compliance with environmental regulations…

silt and sediment removal image

Industrial silt, sand and sediment removal

Remove damaging inorganic solids from your wastewater to improve treatment efficiency and boost…

FOG removal image

FOG Removal

Remove fats, oils and grease from wastewater to protect and boost the operational efficiency of your…


Design, install, operate and maintain effective water management systems

A cutaway image of the Hydro-Industrial Wastewater Separator

Hydro-Industrial Wastewater Separator

Remove more, finer grit to protect downstream treatment equipment, increase plant efficiency and cut…
hydro industrial sludge screen product image

Hydro-Industrial Sludge Screen

Protect, reduce blockages and increase the efficiency of downstream treatment processes.
An image of the Hydro-Industrial Stormwater Separator installed upstream of a pond

Hydro-Industrial Stormwater Separator

Capture sediment, oils and floatables from stormwater runoff over a wide range of flows in a small…
hydro industrial stormwater filter image

Hydro-Industrial Stormwater Filter

Stay compliant by capturing sediment, heavy metals, oil and nutrients from your stormwater.
hydro industrial microscreen image

Hydro-Industrial MicroScreen

Drastically reduce the cost, footprint and energy consumption for industrial wastewater treatment.
hydro industrial drum screen image

Hydro-Industrial Drum Screen

Reliably capture industrial wastewater screenings in a compact, high-throughput unit.
hydro industrial dissolved air flotation system image

Hydro-Industrial DAF

Reliably and effectively remove solids, fats, oils, metals and phosphates from industrial water.